Syzygy Biotech Changes Name to Empirical Bioscience LLC to Reflect its Emphasis for Life Sciences Industry

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan February 4, 2014 – Syzygy Biotech Inc. is rebranding itself with a new name and website as Empirical Bioscience LLC to better reflect its mission in serving the rapidly changing life sciences industry. All inquiries and references to Syzygy Biotech will be redirected immediately to the Empirical Bioscience website at

Company officials said nothing will change in the way Empirical Bioscience manufactures and markets its full line of quality reagents used by research facilities, universities, and diagnostic labs nationwide, but the new name emphasizes its ability to anticipate what chemical tools those customers need as the life sciences industry evolves.

In less than four years, Empirical Bioscience has developed a range of high-grade molecular biology products that have been optimized for use in next generation sequencing, translational research, agricultural applications, clinical diagnostics and education.

“The word ‘empirical’ means making decisions based on valid observations, and we observe where our customers are headed and anticipate their needs,” said Craig Pippel, Chairman of the Board of Empirical Bioscience, based in Grand Rapids, Mich. “Our top notch staff of experts in polymerase chain reactions (PCR) know how to formulate master mixes that reduce steps for experimenters and increase gel resolution in gels to produce publication quality images.

“Our MeanGreen Master Mix is a perfect example of how we anticipate the market. We developed MeanGreen from scratch to save our customers valuable time and drastically cut their chances of causing errors in the lab due to contamination, wrong concentrations and improper pipetting.”

Pippel said one university researcher switched to using an Empirical Bioscience custom master mix for his research in a cure for Alzheimer’s disease after he lost time and money trying to mix his own TAq recipe with the help of student research assistants who inadvertently introduced contaminants or mixed the wrong concentrations of components.

Empirical Bioscience rigorously enforces lot-to-lot consistency during the manufacture of its products, which provides superior reagents that greatly diminish the chances that experiments will yield false negatives or false positives due to contamination. Those high standards in manufacturing take the guesswork out of whether reagents used for experiments have contaminating DNA or residual nuclease activity, Pippel said.

Labs nationwide are using Empirical Bioscience reagents to perform PCR research that can involve mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects and bacteria. In one instance, a researcher is using a TAq mixture to detect the presence of Asian carp DNA in the waters of the Great Lakes to track the northward migration of the fish before they are caught.

Empirical Bioscience has also developed what it believes to be the most effective G-C enhancer on the market today for research of G-C rich targets and a customized version that can multiplex to save experiment steps. Due to their extensive experience in developing reagents for challenging PCR, Empirical Bioscience experts have been able to develop standard and customized multiplex products to save technicians time as they conduct their experiments.

“Our new name even reflects our company’s new tag line: ‘Observe the difference,’ in our products,” Pippel said.

For more information on Empirical Bioscience, please visit the company’s website at The company recently introduced its rEVAlution qPCR Master Mix, an environmentally safe, ready-to-use hot-start qPCR mixture, to round out its line of offerings that includes the Taq 2x MeanGreen Master Mix, a ready-to-use 2x mixture of Taq DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, and buffers for efficient PCR amplification.