LAB MANAGER: Empirical Bioscience’s 2019 RT-qPCR Kit Available For Use in nCoV Assay Testing

Empirical Bioscience announced today (Apr. 3) that their QuantiTASE and QuantiTASE PLUS One Step RT-qPCR RT-qPCR Kits have been successfully tested in assays using EUA authorized qPCR detection kits using the established Centers for Disease Control (CDC) testing protocol.

The test amplifies and identifies genetic material from the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 in one step. The QuantiTASE RT-qPCR Assay Kit works by converting the CoV-2 RNA into DNA and amplifying to detect the presence of pathogenic material in patient samples.

In addition to its efficient design, the kit operates on most existing laboratory testing equipment in the United States, and it includes all of the required RT-qPCR reaction reagents needed to run a COVID-19 test. It also meets the performance requirements for nCoV-2 testing established by the CDC when used in accordance with CDC guidelines and in conjunction with an approved detection kit.

The kit’s attributes lend themselves well to the growing need for real-time COVID-19 testing. The company expects the demand for the kits to continue accelerating and they’ve adjusted their production and delivery time accordingly. “We are ramping up our production capacity from 50,000 kits a week to 100,000 a week,” said Des O’Farrell, president of Empirical Bioscience. “We are also offering 24-hour shipping.”

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