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  • ENZYMES and REAGENTS for Molecular Biology

    See why others are saying we produce “absolutely the best reagents on the planet.”

  • Research & Education

    Top university and research labs across the country use our products because they are recognized as the best-in-class reagents.

  • Custom Solutions

    Our reagents tailored to your specs and optimized for your needs, and our highly acclaimed personalized service will ensure specTAQular results.

Observe the Difference

Our dedication to producing the best Enzymes and Reagents for PCR and qPCR means our clients can be confident they are using the best components in terms of reliability, consistency, amplification, safety and ultimately… results.

Company Overview

asian_lab_tech_circle_100x100Empirical Bioscience is dedicated to producing specTAQular results for customers by providing superior reagents and invaluable advice on cost-effective PCR for human, animal and plant DNA — anything from our off-the-shelf reagents to custom manufactured enzymes or mastermixes. Let us help you align your resources to save time and money in the lab.

What They’re Saying…

We have been nothing but pleased since switching to FlashTaq HotStart. It has provided us with cost-effective, robust and reliable a m p l i fication when used for a wide variety of PCR.
Rob LoechelChief Scientific OfficerVet GenAnn Arbor, Michigan

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