Quality By Every Measure You Require

Only your definition of quality counts. So please compare the data available for every standard Empirical product against your specifications. Or share your custom solution requirements and we’ll meet them. All products and processes have been co-developed to assure the highest performance, lowest contamination, lowest lot variations and highest product yields. Of course, all products are developed and manufactured in facilities bearing ISO 13485 certification.

Empirical Bioscience was founded to serve the requirements of research, clinical laboratories, and industry… and Quality Systems have always been core to our DNA. Whether you need a standard product, a private label product, a custom manufactured product or a custom kit, we will deliver at the highest quality and the lowest total cost.

Finally, please consider the dozens of leading universities, hospitals, research labs and biotech companies whose quality standards have been consistently met. This is, perhaps, the best evidence to suggest we can also meet yours.

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Benefits of ISO Quality System

  • Validated Manufacturing Procedures
  • Fully Documentation Manufacturing
  • Certified, Traceable Supply Chain
  • Reproducible Products and Processes
  • Complete Lot traceability
  • Order Tracking