PRESS RELEASE: New 2x Ready-to-Use Probe Master Mix Announced by Empirical Bioscience

2017—Empirical Bioscience, a designer and manufacturer of reagents for life science applications, has announced 2X qPCR Probe Master Mix for probe-based quantitative PCR applications. This new product is for real-time evaluation of DNA using fluorescent probe-based detection. It contains FlashTaq HotStart DNA Polymerase, a chemically modified Taq DNA polymerase that remains inactive at room temperature. The enzyme becomes activated after 2 minutes at 95°C. The master mix also contains dNTPs, MgCL2 and optimized buffer for fast, efficient qPCR. It has been optimized for use with hydrolysis based probes such as TaqMan, but is also suitable with other probe-based detection systems. The mix is available in multiple versions for various applications including bulk and custom volumes for commercial and biotech.

According to Marian Willing, Lead Scientist at Empirical Bioscience, “The 2X qPCR Probe Master Mix is both robust and sensitive. You can amplify down to 10 copies of HgDNA. It is compatible with most primer probe systems. Its low foam formula is ideal for automation. And it has been optimized so only primer/probe and template DNA need to be added. As a result, we believe it will be a welcome tool for scientists conducting real-time evaluations.”

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