Empirical Bioscience Introduces RTScript™ cDNA Synthesis Kit for qPCR and PCR

Empirical Bioscience
Des O’Farrell
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(GRAND RAPIDS, MICH)—June 1, 2016— Empirical Bioscience announced today that they have introduced RTScript™, a cDNA Synthesis Kit, that allows users to produce robust cDNA yields in as little as 30 minutes.

The RTScript cDNA Synthesis Kit is a modified version of M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase with RNase H activity deactivated and increased thermal stability. These characteristics render it sensitive, specific, and capable of synthesizing highly structured and long cDNA fragments. The RTscript cDNA Synthesis Kit has also been optimized to offer high reproducibility and efficiency for a broad range of primers and templates. Tests conducted by Empirical Bioscience show that its yield is comparable to competitors.

Convenience and flexibility are other advantages this kit brings to the table. It contains all the reagents necessary for first strand cDNA synthesis including RNase-free water, ultrapure dNTPs, oligo (dT) primers, random hexamers, control RNA, and RNase inhibitor. It is very competitively priced and offers more to the user than competitive products.

“We are so pleased to be able to offer this kit,” said Des O’Farrell, President of Empirical Bioscience. “Our RTScript cDNA Synthesis Kit contains everything researchers need to perform a reaction without having to buy the reagents separately,” he added.

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