PRESS RELEASE: New High Fidelity Blunt-End PHU-50 Polymerase from Empirical Bioscience Offers Precise, Rapid Amplification

Empirical Bioscience announced today that they have introduced PHU-50, an ultra high fidelity Polymerase for PCR application. In addition to delivering a fidelity that is 50 times greater than Taq polymerases and a rate of accuracy that is 2-fold higher than standard PHU polymerases, PHU-50 also offers improved processing times, shorter elongation times, and better ligation.
The genetically engineered enzyme invokes the polymerization of nucleotides into duplex DNA in 5’?3’ direction but does not possess 5’?3’ exonuclease replacement activity. Instead, it offers a 3’?5’ exonuclease proofreading capability, significantly increasing the fidelity of DNA compared to Taq polymerase. This extensive exonuclease activity leaves the PCR fragments generated by PHU-50 High Fidelity Polymerase blunt, and without overhangs, for more effective linking of DNA. These characteristics lend themselves well to applications like cloning and next generation sequencing where accuracy, simple ligation, and speed are key.

“PHU-50 is ideal for applications that demand accurate replication of DNA,” said Marian Willing, Lead Scientist at Empirical Bioscience. “As well as those featuring long or difficult amplifications,” she added.

PHU-50 can be purchased on Empirical Bioscience’s Web site in units of 100 to 5,000. Free samples are also available. Empirical also offers this product, and all other products in bulk quantities

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