LAB BULLETIN: Empirical Bioscience’s TAQ DNA Polymerase Labeling Extended to Include Long Term Refrigeration and Room Temperature Storage

This product improvement is the result of ongoing optimization work at Empirical Bioscience’s new manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tests conducted by the company show that their TAQ DNA Polymerase, a recombinant Taq, exhibits no detectable loss of function when stored and used under these conditions.

What’s more, the new storage and usage conditions also allow for easier and more accessible use in laboratories. There is no thaw time required and no need to access deep freeze facilities which are often remote from the testing site. These new capabilities also make the product more compatible with high volume, automated test facilities which benefit from having the enzyme and other reagents supplied in larger volumes for direct use with automated testing equipment.

“Our TAQ DNA Polymerase has been extremely well received by the molecular biology community since it was introduced,” said Des O’Farrell, President of Empirical Bioscience. “Now that they can use it instantly and more easily, they will appreciate it even more. It also allows Empirical Bioscience to service the growing commercial testing and biotechnology markets better,” he added.

Empirical Bioscience produces high-grade PCR reagents and enzymes in its ISO 13485 certified facility.

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